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Company Profile

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Guangzhou SG Outdoor Furniture CO.,Limited is a domestic enterprise that integrates design, development, production and manufacture of various outdoor furniture and municipal garden landscape facilities. The high style and high quality of Shijing's products have been well received by customers.

The flexibility and harmony of Shijing's products have been fully displayed in the real estate projects developed by domestic manufacturers, and it has provided architects, landscape architects and developers with a wealth of various forms of planning and design. The choice of material.

Since the establishment of the company, while introducing foreign advanced design and technology, adhere to the concept of creating high-quality products, and cultivate and bring up a team of high-quality designers and production technicians.

The product categories of Guangzhou SG Outdoor Furniture Co., Limitd  include: urban trash cans, trash bins, leisure chairs, park chairs, flower boxes, takeaway carts, floats, flower stands, kiosks; vending trucks; pavilions, roadside bollards , Shelters, parking sheds, fitness amusement series and other urban facilities and garden facilities. All products have been treated with anti-rust and anti-corrosion. The surface coating is specially designed for outdoor use and baked at high temperature to enhance its adhesion. The wood is made of imported high-quality wood materials for tropical rain forests, and is treated with outdoor anti-corrosion. Therefore, Shijing's products have excellent durability. The service life is 5-10 years under normal conditions. It can be extended if the customer requires special treatment.

In addition to developing its own products, the company can also produce according to customers' drawings and samples. We sincerely thank customers at home and abroad for their support and love over the years.

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Guangzhou SG Outdoor Furniture CO.,Limited  is a professional enterprise integrating design, development, production and manufacture of various outdoor furniture and municipal garden landscape supporting facilities.

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